Pricing ....

Every cloud ....

Every cloud has a silver lining .... Cornerstone pa services offers a cost-effective solution to fit your requirements, whether you need regular support each month, ad hoc support or help with a one-off project. My standard hourly rate is £25/hour.


Retainer: if you know your requirements then purchase a set number of hours every month. I will let you know if you are nearing your limit and additional hours can be added if required.


By the hour: some tasks are just easier charged hourly. I round my time up or down to the nearest 15 minutes and there is no ongoing commitment (minimum 1 hour).


By the project: if you want a definite price before starting a project then I can provide a quote after discussing your project in detail with you to understand your requirements.

Why choose Cornerstone pa services ....

Cornerstone pa services offers you ….

flexible, personal and cost-effective pa support when you need it.



Support when you need it and not when you don’t, no job is too small and I don’t stick to regular office hours.



A service bespoke to you that puts ‘personal’ into assistance …. a package to meet your requirements.

Cost effective


Avoid employment costs including tax, NI, pension contributions & holiday pay .... only pay for the support you need.

No job is too small or too tedious.

I only charge for the time taken and work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I track my time and let you know if you’re nearing your limit so don’t worry about spiralling costs.

The (not so) small print:

  • Payment by bank transfer.
  • Prices are exclusive of expenses such as telephone charges, stationery, postage & travel costs that may be incurred in the successful completion of your work.
  • Once you’ve agreed a retainer package, you should take care to use up all your hours each month. Unused hours cannot be carried over to the following month.
  • Minimum invoice amount is for 1 hour – after this initial hour,  time is billed in cost-effective 15-minute increments.


The work I do for you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.